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GPS Machine Control

MSE has always been on the leading edge and a pioneer of GPS machine control technology in Ohio since its introduction to the construction industry. MSE adopted its first Trimble system in 1999, and has steadily grown and expanded its capabilities with the continual improvements in the technology. It has been a focus for MSE to constantly learn how to implement the technology to everday tasks in all aspects of its business.

To date, MSE currently operates 26 dozers and excavators with machine grade capabilities. Most recently, our excavators have performed intricate sloped, deep excavations over 40′ in depths for water/wastewater treatment plants. With every MSE project, MSE will install a GPS base station, rover, and machine control system of some capacity for full knowledge of what final grade is and a focus on grading perfection for a final product.

Drone Technology

The most recent technology new to the construction industry has been drone technology. MSE recognized its value in accurate and timely topographic reporting and volume reports in both the construction and mine services portions of its business.

This has led MSE to partner with a consultant and provide unlimited drone flights and overhead views of its projects. The difficulties of trying to topo dangerous and steep sloped properties are a thing of the past, and are a mere hour away from attaining for even a 100 acre site. Very Impressive!

With MSE’s currently certified drone pilots on staff, daily earthwork volumes and site photos are available at its discretion. If this value is of interest to you on your next large development project, reach out to us and we can share more information about these capabilites. Our experience has shown that sharing this information with our clients as a progression of what we are building for them is a great added benefit of working with MSE!

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